Payment Policy

If you prefer, for whatever reasons, you may hire me through WyzAnt and payment will be made through the website.

It is my preference not to adjust the fee scale there, as WyzAnt takes a portion of it. It is beneficial for the both of us to operate outside of WyzAnt, in terms of money, however, I understand you may have reasons for using their utility.

How Scheduling a Direct Appointment Works:

1. A direct appointment is $25/hour. After a one-hour appointment has been made, payment of $12 will be submitted before the first meeting, either in person or through PayPal (if you're hiring me to help via internet).

2. The tutoring appointment is followed through. The first appointment will be diagnostic and getting to know each other, plus some work on the assignment. Please allow for an hour and a half, but expect to only pay a maximum of $25.

3. The remainder of the payment is made, but only if you're happy with the service. If not, please let me know, so that I'm not expecting payment.

4. If you're happy with the service and would like to set up another appointment, the remaining $12 and the full $25 will be due before the next appointment.

Holding Payment/Refunds:

I will hold onto half of each of your payments for a period of 3 business days or until the set-up of a next appointment, so that if you later decide you're unsatisfied (which I hope never happens), I am able to easily refund the half.

I will retain $12 for each appointment regardless of satisfaction, to help pay for my time away from my family and the use of a slot of time I might have devoted to someone else. I aim for quality, always, and I will do my best to help. If, for whatever reason, I am not helping, it is understandable that you won't want to pay the full amount.

If you find this policy unacceptable, please do not hire me. This is a fair policy, and more than many fields offer. Please consider it, in-depth, before you decide to hire me. I understand how difficult it is to part with money, and I hope you will consider that from my perspective, as well.

Changes to This Policy

Changes to this policy will be coming, as my business grows. I hope that I can make this process as smooth as possible for everyone.

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