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Since elementary school, math has been my favorite subject. Being one who didn't care to read or write much, anything that took time out of my daydreaming or whatever else I got up to, math appealed to me in ways that no book ever could. It always seemed straightforward, and once you got through your problems, you were done! Most of the time, it took me no more than half an hour to get through my math homework.

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That is, until I got into college and took Trig and Calc. Trig wasn't nearly as frustrating as Calculus, but I managed to pull an A in first semester Calc. I attribute that to my professor doing tons and tons of problems, with the class. The first few weeks, I was absolutely mystified. I had no idea what he was doing. Talk about fed up! But finally, it started sinking in, and I started setting the curve and such. He was a great professor, and I think he ended up being fairly pleased with my performance. I wasn't always at the very top of the class, but I was glad to find Calc was doable. To be honest, it was the math class that put fear into me. I overcame both the fear and the class, and you can too!


Later on in life, when I had to find something useful to do with my time in order to take care of my family, I found that science was my heartbeat. I fell in love with Biology, after dreading dissection from 7th grade on
  through high school. I found that I could learn it and
  learn it well!

  Chemistry, I was dual enrolled with the local college.
  That was cool, but I bombed first semester...who
  knows what I was thinking. When I decided to major
  in Biotechnology, I had to retake Chem 1. I aced it.
  Weird! I had an awesome professor then, too! He
  was from Jamaica! No better way to learn Chemistry,
  let me tell you!

  And Physics. They say you either love it or hate it. I
  love physics. It's challenging, thought-provoking and
  math-intense. I had a fantastic teacher in high school, and she
  brought a bowling ball in, hung it from the ceiling, stood on a chair, pulled the ball toward her chin, then let go. As the ball swung back toward her, she didn't budge. Of course the ball didn't hit her! She made Physics fun. It IS fun and mystifying and...everywhere!

English Language

I was never much of a reader as a child, but in high school, I started writing poetry and short stories. It was then, too, that I fell in love with Edgar Allen Poe. In fact, I enjoyed a lot of the literature I was exposed to. I finally became a reader and read to this day. Look for what I'm reading in the sidebar under "Off the Shelf."

I also enjoy writing, as I still write poetry and am collecting thoughts for a novel!


Since the Atari, I have had a thing for computers. My dad has worked with computers for as long as I can remember. I've taught myself HTML and Cascading Style Sheets. I won a business scholarship from high school coursework where we had to learn Word and we used Excel in my Accounting class. Now, these are tools in everyday use! One of my last assignments at the university was for my Nanobiotechnology class, and even the other students will tell you that my slides looked the best! PowerPoint is a fantastically powerful tool, as well!

Money and Finance

What is a closet mathematician if she's not good with money? I have taken Accounting in high school, as I mentioned, took a personal finance class in college, then went to Tax School for H&R Block and became a tax preparer. That was a long time ago, but I still remember how to make a budget, and having been in financial straits in the past, have found ways to make it through. I hope that's not where you are, but rather, maybe you want to set up a budget in Excel or want to know how to balance a checkbook, or just need a hand in keeping your books. I can definitely help to do that.

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